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Design Development

Plan Your Project with Your Software

Aking web tech was founded in 2011 by a team of professionals with a mission to help software businesses innovate continuously. They had one goal in mind, to build a company of software artisan.

Developer teams at Aking web tech strive to provide optimal, scalable, and robust solutions through software products. We continuously work to bring development excellence by recognizing constraints and negotiating the right trade-offs. We work on mission-critical systems in manufacturing, education, fintech, supply chain, and many more domains by keeping the quality of software high and standing by software technique principles.

We are committed to go the extra mile to put our clients first by having our teams embrace the passion to innovate and to achieve the highest level of excellence. As technology partners to our clients, we are committed to build well crafted, elegant products for them.

We encourage our teams to elevate their level of work to craftsmanship, be it development, QA or requirement gathering, in the best way possible. Our teams do not write code merely to convert business requirements into an executable program. We enjoy the process of designing the product and writing the code. We take pride in developing elegant software products that provide enduring values. Our documentation is the code itself!

We get it Done

Technology continues to advance every day. With new and emerging technologies impacting the way software is developed, we constantly embrace and obtain expertise in multiple engineering disciplines.

We have structured our teams to master skills in the following disciplines

  • Front End Technologies (React, Angular)
  • Mobile Technologies (Hybrid and Native)
  • Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Microsoft Technologies (MS Business Central, Axepta)
  • Design and User Experience
  •  Back-end Technologies (Java, .net, python)
  • Low Code platforms

Each discipline uses numerous frameworks emphasizing on security, scalability, and DevOps. Our teams are constantly working on architectural best practices and improving the software products we develop.

With expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies and frameworks, coupled with decades of experience in building software products, we enrich every product we build with the right technologies and tools.

Being practitioners of Agile development we produce a well-crafted software product.

  • We have a framework to deliver incrementally with faster iteration speed
  • We focus on faster time to market by adopting API first approach and CI/CD
  • We strategize user experience and product adoption
  • We develop with high code quality

We do it right

To have a sustainable competitive advantage in the technology business, companies need to look beyond building just software products and transition to building software platforms. The platform is a new product. The platform should be extensible to adopt emerging technologies at lightning speed. The picture below describes our development approach. 

User Experience & Architecture

To realize the platform strategy, we invest heavily in user experience and the architecture of the product. Our goal is to ensure the platform gives the flexibility to add new features, is secure, scalable, high performing, and future proof.

We focus on improving the release management and making the development process efficient and cost effective by using DevOps best practices. DevAking is a proprietary framework designed and developed by Aking Web Tech based on the concepts of new technology for the overall project management, and Scrum for the agile software development process. It implements a holistic way of dealing with small to large software development projects in an agile manner. With a well defined framework, and a set of predefined coding guidelines enable us to jump start the development process.

Design and user experience are critical components of a software product. The user experience drives product adoption. With the advent of a variety of devices and platforms, user experience is not about web or mobile, it is now multi experience. We Design the product for a user who can interact via multiple channels such as chat-bots, voice as well as personal assistants, wearable, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Test Strategy                                    

Software products undergo continuous change over the course of the release. A test strategy is essential to ensure that the quality of such a product is maintained during the entire lifecycle. We ensure that good testing practices are in place to maintain a quality standard that can even guide the development process.

Nurture talent & provide growth opportunities

With more than a decade’s experience in building successful products for our customers, we have developed engineering excellence and best practices across all teams in the organization. There is cross-team collaboration through initiatives such as In Roads and Off Roads where engineers take pride in showcasing their work and knowledge. The initiatives provide opportunities for our teams to collaborate with experts in the organization and hone their leadership skills.

Challenge to innovate

Our engineers heavily focus on technical excellence. We constantly challenge them to have a view of the business picture and innovate. Innovation need not necessarily mean building new products or tools, while we aim high, we encourage our teams to achieve operational excellence through automation.

Trust and Freedom

We trust our teams and give them the freedom to deliver excellence, contribute to best practices. In addition to that, we ensure that every engineer has an opportunity to collaborate with experts in the organization to learn and build their skills.

Customer success is most important to us. We focus on value creation through our deliverables. We have established frameworks in place to ensure customer success and enable customers to onboard quickly and efficiently. Our business model provides flexible ways to engage with engineering teams.

You may visit our site www.aking.co.in to know more about our how we do it.

We make our customers happy

We strive toward customer success. We enable our customers to achieve rapid innovation, cut down time-to-market, and deliver continuous business value. We have established frameworks in place to onboard new customers.

Our unique model to onboard customers ensure that we reach a common ground and deliver faster. We create new successful teams by fully embedding them into the customer organization and produce measurable results finer and faster.

Our unique, co-innovation platform that enables software businesses to jointly build great software products leveraging distributed agile teams. 

  • Technology and product road mapping
  • Release and sprint planning
  • Backlog creation and prioritization
  • Sprint execution & Iterative product
  • Development (functional testing is an integral part of development in every sprint)
  • Deployment



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